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As a freelancer I offer consultancy in the field of IT Service Management and Google Apps. In the cooperation with the german company USU AG I have worked on many projects regarding Incident, Problem, Change Management, CMDB, Financial Planning and many other areas of IT. I can help you with the migration to Google Apps and provide related training.

The world of IT has interested me since the high school, where I wrote my first programs. However, the real understanding of the information technologies came first during my study of the Computer Science at VUT in Brno, where I got an overview of all major areas of IT.

Already during my schooldays I begun working in IT to get some experience. As many other young IT students I started as an IT admin for small businesses. After gaining some real experience and appropriate certification I worked as a tutor of the courses focused on the Microsoft server technologies. In 2006 I started creating web sites and web applications.

My first full time job was a web developer at myWAC TECHNOLOGIES s.r.o. in Brno. I liked the job and the friendly atmosphere of the small firm. Nevertheless, I wanted to enter larger and international environment. After some searching I found a job at the german company USU. The position was the Consultant of IT Service Management Tool called Valuemation. The work was mostly done on site at the Customers what allowed me to see the software in use in various environments. I was able to participate on both the design and implementation of the software solutions and eventually also did some project management.

In 2013 I left the job and since them I have worked as a freelance IT Consultant. It allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the other software tools and provide my services to more customers. Though I kept working together with USU on some projects.


Master Degree in Computer Science from VUT Brno.

Work Experience and Achievements

  • 2017
    • Partner of BPMOnline
  • 2016
    • Implementaion of Service Management and Problem Management for an IT Services Provider in Vienna.
  • 2015
    • Migration and enhancement of Incident/Problem/Change Management and Service Management for an IT Provider in Bielefeld.
    • Implementation of the change management for a sanitary fittings manufacturer in Schiltach.
  • 2014
    • Implementation of the new version of the ticketing software for a construction and engineering company in Mannheim.
    • Custmization of the software for the service desk for a technology company in Hanau including Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and CMDB.
    • Enhancements of the Contract and Real Estate Management software for an utility company in Spokane WA, USA.
  • 2013
    • I left my job and started working as a freelance IT Consultant.
    • Launch of the web site and facebook app
    • Customization of the Software for Incident, Problem and Change Management for a provider of integrated claims management in Zürich.
    • Implementation of CMDB Software an IT Provider in Munich.
    • Implementation of an interface between Valuemation and another Software at a technology company in Bern.
    • Setting up Google Apps for Tomáš Kozelský - Penzion Rozkvět
    • Setting up Google Apps for Advokatní kancelář JuDr. Jana Mikulová,
  • 2012
    • mplementation of CMDB Software for a TV broadcaster in Mainz.
    • Implementation of the software for Financial Planning for a public agency in Nürnberg.
  • 2011
    • Employed as a IT consultant at USU Software s.r.o.
    • Customization of Incident, Problem, Change Management modules of Valuemation for a power production and distribution utility in Bern.
    • Implementation of Incident, Problem Management modules of Valuemation for an IT Provider in Wuppertal.
  • 2010
    • Employed as a web developer at myWAC TECHNOLOGIES s.r.o.



I offer consultations in these areas:

  • Business Process Automation
  • ITIL v3 Process
  • USU Valuemation
  • BPMOnline
  • Service Now

Software Development:

  • Solutions in USU Valuemation
  • Solutions in BPMOnline
  • Addons and interfaces for BPMOnline

I can provide following trainings:

  • Customization of USU Valuemation
  • Workflows in USU Valuemation
  • Business Processes in USU Valuemation

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